Jianing Yu (于佳宁), Ph.D

jianing.yu at

Lab manager/Research assistant

Xiaojing Sun (孙晓敬), B.S.

xiaojing.sun at

I joined Yu lab in 2019 as a lab manager. I take care of lab's administrative work and do research on the side. I am interested in how animals discriminate objects.

Graduate student

Qiang Zheng (郑强), B.S.

qiangzheng at

I graduated from Nanjing Normal University, and am now a graduate student at the School of Life Sciences, Peking University. My current research focuses on the neural circuits of movement control. I perform lesion experiments on trained animals and track their movement patterns through high-speed videography.

Graduate student

Hanbo Wang (王含泊), B.S.

hb_wang at pku. edu. cn

I grew up in Xi'an and got my B.S. degree at Peking University. I joined Yu Lab in 2019 as a graduate student. Now I am studying the neural basis of inhibitory control using chemogenetic manipulations.

ps: Dream to keep an Alaskan Malamute.

Graduate student

Jiaming Cao (曹嘉明), B.S.

jiaming.cao at

I graduated from the School of Life Sciences of Peking University and am now a graduate student of the 2019 CLS program . I am interested in the interaction between distant brain areas during behavior. I am using optogenetic technique to produce precisely-timed inactivation of brain circuits.

Graduate student

Yu Chen (陈雨)

chenyu_ at

I graduated from the School of Life Sciences of PKU and continue my graduate study in Yu lab from the fall of 2020. I am interested in motor learning.

Undergraduate student

Junbo Shen (沈均波)

sjbsjb2 at

I am a 4th-year undergraduate student in the School of Life Sciences and will become a graduate student in the CLS program this fall. Recently I developed a BMI system to investigate the mechanisms of volitional control.